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2018 Orders

Order # Date Docket # Company Name Description
26,112 3/12/18 DE 17-196 Public Service Company of New Hampshire

Petition for Continuation of Reliability Enhancement Program - Order Approving Petition

26,111 3/8/18 DE 10-212 Renewable Energy Incentive Program for Commercial and Industrial Solar Projects

Order Modifying Program Terms and Reopening Program

26,110 3/7/18 DE 17-171 Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy

Proposed Tariff Amendment Re: Late Payment Charge -  Order Requiring Waiver of Certain Late Payment Charges

26,109 3/5/18 DE 16-852 Liberty Utilities (EnergyNorth Natural Gas) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities

Petition for Franchise Approval in Hanover and Lebanon -  Order Approving Settlement Agreement with Conditions and Granting Franchise

26-108 3/2/18 DE 17-160 Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy

Petition for Recovery of Annual Assessment and Consulting Costs - Order Regarding Staff Audit of Consultant Costs

26,107 2/28/18  DG 16-855 Northern Utilities, Inc. Petition for Approval of Sixth Amendment to Special Contract with Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC - Order Extending Special Contract and Granting Motion for Confidential Treatment
26,105 2/23/18 DE 17-103 West Swanzey Water Co.

Petition for Change in Rates - Order Approving Settlement Agreement and Permanent Rates

26,104 2/22/18 DE 18-002 Public Service Company of NH d/b/a Eversource Energy

2018 Energy Service Solicitation - Order Following Hearing

26,103 2/12/18 DE 15-464 Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy

Petition for Approval of Lease
Agreement Between Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy and Northern Pass Transmission LLC - Order Approving Lease

26,102 2/9/18 DW 17-154 Aquarion Water Company of New Hampshire, Inc.

Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustments 2018 Surcharge and Project Approvals - Order Denying Motion for Rehearing

26,101 2/1/18 DW 17-183 Pennichuck Water Works, Inc.

Petition for Approval of Bond Financing and Fixed Asset Line of Credit -      
Order Approving Bond Financing

26,100 2/1/18 DG 17-144 Northern Utilities, Inc.

Peaking Service Demand Charge - Order Suspending Tariff and Supplemental Order of Notice Scheduling a Hearing

26,099 1/30/18 DE 17-096 Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy

Petition of Findings of Fact and Issuance of Finance Order - Order Granting Petition

26,098 1/9/18 DE 16-463 Unitil Energy Systems, Inc.

2016 Least Cost Integrated Resource Plan - Order Approving Settlement Agreement

26,097 1/5/18 DW 17-165 Abenaki Water Company, Inc. - Rosebrook Water System Petition for Change in Rates - Order Suspending Tariff and Establishing Prehearing Conference
26,095 1/2/18 DE 17-136 Gas and Electric Utilities

2018-2020 New Hampshire Statewide Energy Efficiency Plan - Order  Approving Settlement Agreement

26,096 1/3/18 IR 18-001 Gas, Electric, and Water Utilities

IR 18-001 Investigation to Determine Rate Effects of Federal and State Corporate Tax Reductions. It is an Order Opening Investigation

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