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2018 Water Orders

Order #
Docket #
Company Name
26,133 5/10/18 DW 17-194 West Swanzey Water Company, Inc Petition for Financing Approval, Order Approving Petition
26,131 5/3/18 DW 17-118 Hampstead Area Water Company, Inc. Petition for Change in Rates, Order Approving Temporary Rates
26,128 5/3/18 DW 17-179 Pennichuck Water Works, Inc. Interim Petition for Approval of 2017 Qualified Capital Project Adjustment Charge Project Eligibility,  Order Approving Project Budget for 2017 and Accepting Forecasted Project Budgets of 2018 and 2019 for Informational Purposes
26.125 4/30/18 DW 18-033 Pittsfield Aqueduct Company, Inc. Petition for Authority to Refinance Intercompany Debt, Order Approving Petition
26,121 4/20/18 DW 17-183 Pennichuck Water Works, Inc. Petition for Approval of Bond Financing and Fixed Asset Line of Credit, Order Approving Line of Credit Financing
26,117 3/30/18 DW 17-157 Pennichuck East Utility, Inc.

Petition for Approval of Financings and Refinancing of Intercompany Loans - Order Approving Financings

26,114 3/20/18 DW 16-806 Pennichuck Water Works, Inc.

Permanent and Temporary Rate Proceeding - Order Authorizing Temporary Rate Recoupment and Recovery of Rate Case Expenses, and Granting Motion for Confidential Treatment

26,102 2/9/18 DW 17-154 Aquarion Water Company of New Hampshire, Inc.

Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustments 2018 Surcharge and Project Approvals - Order Denying Motion for Rehearing

26,101 2/1/18 DW17-183 Pennichuck Water Works, Inc.

Petition for Approval of Bond Financing and Fixed Asset Line of Credit -      
Order Approving Bond Financing

26,097 1/5/18 DW 17-165 Abenaki Water Company, Inc. - Rosebrook Water System Petition for Change in Rates - Order Suspending Tariff and Establishing Prehearing Conference
26,096 1/3/18 IR 18-001 Gas, Electric, and Water Utilities

IR 18-001 Investigation to Determine Rate Effects of Federal and State Corporate Tax Reductions. It is an Order Opening Investigation

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