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2019 Orders

Order # Date Docket # Company Name Description
26,212 1/18/19 DG 18-092 Liberty Utilities (EnergyNorth Natural Gas) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities Petition for a License to Construct and Maintain a Natural Gas Pipeline Beneath the Ashuelot River in Keene.  It is an Order Granting License
26,211 1/18/19 DW 18-189 Pennichuck Water Works, Inc., Pennichuck East Utility, Inc., and Pittsfield Aqueduct Company, Inc.

2018 CIAC Tariff Amendments.  It is an Order Suspending Tariff and Establishing Prehearing Conference.

29,210 1/17/19 DE 16-576 NH Public Utilities Commission Development of New Alternative Net Metering Tariffs and/or Other Regulatory Mechanism and Tariffs for Customer-Generators, Order Nisi Adopting Limited Exception for Voluntary Tariff-Switching by Net-Metered Customer-Generators Participating in Liberty Battery Storage Pilot Program
26,209 1/17/19 DE 17-189 Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric) Corp. d/b/a Liberty Utilities

Petition to Approve Batter Storage
Pilot Program, Order Approving Settlement Agreement and Implementation of Pilot Program and Granting Motions for Confidential Treatment

26,208 1/11/19 DE 18-002 Public Service Company of New Hampshire d/b/a Eversource Energy

2019 Energy Service Solicitation, Order Concerning Implementation of RSA Chapter 362-H The Preservation and Use of Renewable Generation to Provide Fuel Diversity

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